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aspect::Particle::Property Namespace Reference


class  Composition
class  Function
class  InitialComposition
class  InitialPosition
class  IntegratedStrain
class  IntegratedStrainInvariant
class  Interface
class  Manager
class  MeltParticle
class  ParticlePropertyInformation
class  Position
class  PTPath
class  Velocity
class  ViscoPlasticStrainInvariant


enum  UpdateTimeFlags { update_never, update_output_step, update_time_step }
enum  InitializationModeForLateParticles { initialize, interpolate, initialize_to_zero }

Enumeration Type Documentation

§ UpdateTimeFlags


Never update the initially set properties. This is the default behaviour, which is sufficient for particle properties that are set at the beginning of the model and constant for the whole simulation time.


Update the particle properties before every output. This is sufficient for all passive particle properties that depend on the current solution, like the current velocity or pressure.


Update the particle properties every timestep. This is only necessary if the properties at the output time depend on some sort of time integration of solution properties or time varying particle properties are used while solving the model problem.

Definition at line 241 of file interface.h.

§ InitializationModeForLateParticles

This enum controls how to initialize the properties of particles that have been added later than the initial particle creation, e.g. to improve the load balance or to prevent empty cells.


Initialize the particle as if it were created at the beginning of the model at its current position with the current solution.


Use the interpolated properties of the surrounding particles as calculated by the selected interpolator.


Initialize the particle properties to zero. If the property is updated over time its update function is called as usual, if not the property will remain zero throughout the model run.

Definition at line 270 of file interface.h.