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aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim > Class Template Reference
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Public Member Functions

 Manager ()
 ~Manager ()
void initialize ()
void initialize_one_particle (typename ParticleHandler< dim >::particle_iterator &particle) const
std::vector< double > initialize_late_particle (const Point< dim > &particle_location, const ParticleHandler< dim > &particle_handler, const Interpolator::Interface< dim > &interpolator, const typename parallel::distributed::Triangulation< dim >::active_cell_iterator &cell=typename parallel::distributed::Triangulation< dim >::active_cell_iterator()) const
void update_one_particle (typename ParticleHandler< dim >::particle_iterator &particle, const Vector< double > &solution, const std::vector< Tensor< 1, dim > > &gradients) const
UpdateTimeFlags need_update () const
UpdateFlags get_needed_update_flags () const
unsigned int get_n_property_components () const
std::size_t get_particle_size () const
const ParticlePropertyInformationget_data_info () const
DEAL_II_DEPRECATED unsigned int get_property_component_by_name (const std::string &name) const
void parse_parameters (ParameterHandler &prm)
- Public Member Functions inherited from aspect::SimulatorAccess< dim >
 SimulatorAccess ()
 SimulatorAccess (const Simulator< dim > &simulator_object)
virtual ~SimulatorAccess ()
virtual void initialize_simulator (const Simulator< dim > &simulator_object)
template<typename PostprocessorType >
PostprocessorType * find_postprocessor () const
const Introspection< dim > & introspection () const
const Simulator< dim > & get_simulator () const
const Parameters< dim > & get_parameters () const
SimulatorSignals< dim > & get_signals () const
MPI_Comm get_mpi_communicator () const
TimerOutputget_computing_timer () const
const ConditionalOStreamget_pcout () const
double get_time () const
double get_timestep () const
double get_old_timestep () const
unsigned int get_timestep_number () const
unsigned int get_nonlinear_iteration () const
const parallel::distributed::Triangulation< dim > & get_triangulation () const
double get_volume () const
const Mapping< dim > & get_mapping () const
std::string get_output_directory () const
bool include_adiabatic_heating () const
bool include_latent_heat () const
bool include_melt_transport () const
int get_stokes_velocity_degree () const
double get_adiabatic_surface_temperature () const
double get_surface_pressure () const
bool convert_output_to_years () const
unsigned int get_pre_refinement_step () const
unsigned int n_compositional_fields () const
void get_refinement_criteria (Vector< float > &estimated_error_per_cell) const
void get_artificial_viscosity (Vector< float > &viscosity_per_cell, const bool skip_interior_cells=false) const
void get_artificial_viscosity_composition (Vector< float > &viscosity_per_cell, const unsigned int compositional_variable) const
const LinearAlgebra::BlockVectorget_current_linearization_point () const
const LinearAlgebra::BlockVectorget_solution () const
const LinearAlgebra::BlockVectorget_old_solution () const
const LinearAlgebra::BlockVectorget_old_old_solution () const
const LinearAlgebra::BlockVectorget_reaction_vector () const
const LinearAlgebra::BlockVectorget_mesh_velocity () const
const DoFHandler< dim > & get_dof_handler () const
const FiniteElement< dim > & get_fe () const
const LinearAlgebra::BlockSparseMatrixget_system_matrix () const
const LinearAlgebra::BlockSparseMatrixget_system_preconditioner_matrix () const
const MaterialModel::Interface< dim > & get_material_model () const
void compute_material_model_input_values (const LinearAlgebra::BlockVector &input_solution, const FEValuesBase< dim, dim > &input_finite_element_values, const typename DoFHandler< dim >::active_cell_iterator &cell, const bool compute_strainrate, MaterialModel::MaterialModelInputs< dim > &material_model_inputs) const
const GravityModel::Interface< dim > & get_gravity_model () const
const InitialTopographyModel::Interface< dim > & get_initial_topography_model () const
const GeometryModel::Interface< dim > & get_geometry_model () const
const AdiabaticConditions::Interface< dim > & get_adiabatic_conditions () const
bool has_boundary_temperature () const
DEAL_II_DEPRECATED const BoundaryTemperature::Interface< dim > & get_boundary_temperature () const
const BoundaryTemperature::Manager< dim > & get_boundary_temperature_manager () const
const BoundaryHeatFlux::Interface< dim > & get_boundary_heat_flux () const
bool has_boundary_composition () const
DEAL_II_DEPRECATED const BoundaryComposition::Interface< dim > & get_boundary_composition () const
const BoundaryComposition::Manager< dim > & get_boundary_composition_manager () const
const std::map< types::boundary_id, std::unique_ptr< BoundaryTraction::Interface< dim > > > & get_boundary_traction () const
DEAL_II_DEPRECATED const InitialTemperature::Interface< dim > & get_initial_temperature () const
const InitialTemperature::Manager< dim > & get_initial_temperature_manager () const
DEAL_II_DEPRECATED const InitialComposition::Interface< dim > & get_initial_composition () const
const InitialComposition::Manager< dim > & get_initial_composition_manager () const
const std::set< types::boundary_id > & get_fixed_temperature_boundary_indicators () const
const std::set< types::boundary_id > & get_fixed_heat_flux_boundary_indicators () const
const std::set< types::boundary_id > & get_fixed_composition_boundary_indicators () const
const std::set< types::boundary_id > & get_mesh_deformation_boundary_indicators () const
const BoundaryVelocity::Manager< dim > & get_boundary_velocity_manager () const
const HeatingModel::Manager< dim > & get_heating_model_manager () const
const MeshRefinement::Manager< dim > & get_mesh_refinement_manager () const
const MeltHandler< dim > & get_melt_handler () const
const VolumeOfFluidHandler< dim > & get_volume_of_fluid_handler () const
const NewtonHandler< dim > & get_newton_handler () const
const WorldBuilder::World & get_world_builder () const
const MeshDeformation::MeshDeformationHandler< dim > & get_mesh_deformation_handler () const
const LateralAveraging< dim > & get_lateral_averaging () const
const ConstraintMatrix & get_current_constraints () const
bool simulator_is_past_initialization () const
double get_pressure_scaling () const
bool pressure_rhs_needs_compatibility_modification () const
bool model_has_prescribed_stokes_solution () const
TableHandlerget_statistics_object () const
template<typename PostprocessorType >
DEAL_II_DEPRECATED PostprocessorType * find_postprocessor () const
const Postprocess::Manager< dim > & get_postprocess_manager () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void register_particle_property (const std::string &name, const std::string &description, void(*declare_parameters_function)(ParameterHandler &), Property::Interface< dim > *(*factory_function)())
static void declare_parameters (ParameterHandler &prm)
static void write_plugin_graph (std::ostream &output_stream)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from aspect::SimulatorAccess< dim >
static void get_composition_values_at_q_point (const std::vector< std::vector< double > > &composition_values, const unsigned int q, std::vector< double > &composition_values_at_q_point)

Private Attributes

std::list< std::unique_ptr< Interface< dim > > > property_list
ParticlePropertyInformation property_information

Detailed Description

template<int dim>
class aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >

Manager class of properties - This class sets the data of the collection of particles and updates it over time if requested by the user selected properties.

Definition at line 467 of file interface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ Manager()

template<int dim>
aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::Manager ( )

Empty constructor for Manager

§ ~Manager()

template<int dim>
aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::~Manager ( )

Destructor for Manager

Member Function Documentation

§ initialize()

template<int dim>
void aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::initialize ( )

Initialization function. This function is called once at the beginning of the program after parse_parameters is run.

§ initialize_one_particle()

template<int dim>
void aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::initialize_one_particle ( typename ParticleHandler< dim >::particle_iterator &  particle) const

Initialization function for particle properties. This function is called once for each of the particles of a particle collection after it was created.

§ initialize_late_particle()

template<int dim>
std::vector<double> aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::initialize_late_particle ( const Point< dim > &  particle_location,
const ParticleHandler< dim > &  particle_handler,
const Interpolator::Interface< dim > &  interpolator,
const typename parallel::distributed::Triangulation< dim >::active_cell_iterator cell = typename parallel::distributed::Triangulation< dim >::active_cell_iterator() 
) const

Initialization function for particle properties. This function is called once for each of the particles of a particle collection that were created later than the initial particle generation.

§ update_one_particle()

template<int dim>
void aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::update_one_particle ( typename ParticleHandler< dim >::particle_iterator &  particle,
const Vector< double > &  solution,
const std::vector< Tensor< 1, dim > > &  gradients 
) const

Update function for particle properties. This function is called once every time step for every particle.

§ need_update()

template<int dim>
UpdateTimeFlags aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::need_update ( ) const

Returns an enum, which denotes at what time this class needs to update particle properties. The result of this class is a combination of the need_update() functions of all individual properties that are selected. More precise, it will choose to update the particle properties as often as the plugin that needs the most frequent update option requires. This saves considerable computation time, e.g. in cases when no plugin needs to update particle properties over time, because the solution does not need to be evaluated in this case.

§ get_needed_update_flags()

template<int dim>
UpdateFlags aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::get_needed_update_flags ( ) const

Return which data has to be provided to update all properties. Note that particle properties can only ask for update_default (no data), update_values (solution values), and update_gradients (solution gradients). All other update flags will have no effect.

§ get_n_property_components()

template<int dim>
unsigned int aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::get_n_property_components ( ) const

Get the number of components required to represent this particle's properties.

Number of doubles required to represent this particle's additional properties.

§ get_particle_size()

template<int dim>
std::size_t aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::get_particle_size ( ) const

Get the size in number of bytes required to represent this particle's properties for communication. This is essentially the space needed for the property components plus the space for the particle position and the space needed for its ID.

Number of bytes required to represent this particle.

§ get_data_info()

template<int dim>
const ParticlePropertyInformation& aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::get_data_info ( ) const

Get the names and number of components of particle properties.

A vector of pairs for each property name and the corresponding number of components attached to particles.

§ get_property_component_by_name()

template<int dim>
DEAL_II_DEPRECATED unsigned int aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::get_property_component_by_name ( const std::string &  name) const

Get the position of the property specified by name in the property vector of the particles.

This function will be replaced by ParticlePropertyInformation::get_position_by_fieldname(name)

§ register_particle_property()

template<int dim>
static void aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::register_particle_property ( const std::string &  name,
const std::string &  description,
void(*)(ParameterHandler &)  declare_parameters_function,
Property::Interface< dim > *(*)()  factory_function 

A function that is used to register particle property objects in such a way that the Manager can deal with all of them without having to know them by name. This allows the files in which individual properties are implemented to register these properties, rather than also having to modify the Manager class by adding the new properties class.

nameThe name under which this particle property is to be called in parameter files.
descriptionA text description of what this particle property does and that will be listed in the documentation of the parameter file.
declare_parameters_functionA pointer to a function that declares the parameters for this property.
factory_functionA pointer to a function that creates such a property object and returns a pointer to it.

§ declare_parameters()

template<int dim>
static void aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::declare_parameters ( ParameterHandler prm)

Declare the parameters this class takes through input files.

§ parse_parameters()

template<int dim>
void aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::parse_parameters ( ParameterHandler prm)

Read the parameters this class declares from the parameter file.

§ write_plugin_graph()

template<int dim>
static void aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::write_plugin_graph ( std::ostream &  output_stream)

For the current plugin subsystem, write a connection graph of all of the plugins we know about, in the format that the programs dot and neato understand. This allows for a visualization of how all of the plugins that ASPECT knows about are interconnected, and connect to other parts of the ASPECT code.

output_streamThe stream to write the output to.

Member Data Documentation

§ property_list

template<int dim>
std::list<std::unique_ptr<Interface<dim> > > aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::property_list

A list of property objects that have been requested in the parameter file.

Definition at line 639 of file interface.h.

§ property_information

template<int dim>
ParticlePropertyInformation aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::property_information

A class that stores all information about the particle properties, their association with property plugins and their storage pattern.

Definition at line 645 of file interface.h.

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