Deprecated List
Member aspect::BoundaryComposition::Manager< dim >::find_boundary_composition_model () const
Use has_matching_boundary_composition_model() and get_matching_boundary_composition_model() instead.
Member aspect::BoundaryTraction::Interface< dim >::traction (const Point< dim > &position, const Tensor< 1, dim > &normal_vector) const
Use boundary_traction(const types::boundary_id boundary_indicator, const Point<dim> &position, const Tensor<1,dim> &normal_vector) const instead.
Member aspect::LateralAveraging< dim >::get_averages (const unsigned int n_slices, const std::vector< std::string > &property_names) const
: This function is deprecated and only maintained for backward compatibilty. Use the function compute_lateral_averages() with the same arguments instead.
Member aspect::MaterialModel::MaterialUtilities::compute_volume_fractions (const std::vector< double > &compositional_fields, const ComponentMask &field_mask=ComponentMask())
: This function is deprecated. Please use compute_composition_fractions() instead.
Member aspect::MaterialModel::ViscoPlastic< dim >::is_yielding (const double pressure, const double temperature, const std::vector< double > &composition, const SymmetricTensor< 2, dim > &strain_rate) const
: Use the other function with this name instead, which allows to pass in more general input variables.
Member aspect::Particle::Generator::Interface< dim >::generate_particle (const Point< dim > &position, const types::particle_index id) const
: This function uses an old return type and is deprecated. Use the insert_particle_at_position() function below instead.
Member aspect::Particle::Property::Interface< dim >::update_one_particle_property (const unsigned int data_position, const Point< dim > &position, const Vector< double > &solution, const std::vector< Tensor< 1, dim >> &gradients, const ArrayView< double > &particle_properties) const
Use update_particle_property() instead.
Member aspect::Particle::Property::Manager< dim >::get_property_component_by_name (const std::string &name) const
This function will be replaced by ParticlePropertyInformation::get_position_by_field_name(name)
Member aspect::Postprocess::Manager< dim >::find_postprocessor () const
Use has_matching_postprocessor() and get_matching_postprocessor() instead.
Member aspect::SimulatorAccess< dim >::find_postprocessor () const
Use get_postprocess_manager().has_matching_postprocessor() and get_postprocess_manager().get_matching_postprocessor() instead.
Member aspect::SimulatorAccess< dim >::get_boundary_composition () const
: Use get_boundary_composition_manager() instead.
Member aspect::SimulatorAccess< dim >::get_boundary_temperature () const
: Use get_boundary_temperature_manager() instead.
Member aspect::SimulatorAccess< dim >::get_initial_temperature () const
Use get_initial_temperature_manager instead.