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aspect::MeshDeformation Namespace Reference


class  AsciiData
class  BoundaryFunction
class  Diffusion
class  FreeSurface
class  Interface
class  MeshDeformationHandler


template<int dim>
std::string get_valid_model_names_pattern ()

Detailed Description

A namespace that contains everything that is related to the deformation of the mesh vertices over time.

Function Documentation

§ get_valid_model_names_pattern()

template<int dim>
std::string aspect::MeshDeformation::get_valid_model_names_pattern ( )

Return a string that consists of the names of mesh deformation models that can be selected. These names are separated by a vertical line '|' so that the string can be an input to the deal.II classes Patterns::Selection or Patterns::MultipleSelection.

Referenced by aspect::MeshDeformation::MeshDeformationHandler< dim >::get_matching_mesh_deformation_object().