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simulator_signals.h File Reference
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class  aspect::Assemblers::Manager< dim >
class  aspect::Assemblers::Interface< dim >
struct  aspect::SimulatorSignals< dim >




#define ASPECT_REGISTER_SIGNALS_CONNECTOR(connector_function_2d, connector_function_3d)


void aspect::internals::SimulatorSignals::register_connector_function_2d (const std::function< void(aspect::SimulatorSignals< 2 > &)> &connector)
void aspect::internals::SimulatorSignals::register_connector_function_3d (const std::function< void(aspect::SimulatorSignals< 3 > &)> &connector)
template<int dim>
void aspect::internals::SimulatorSignals::call_connector_functions (aspect::SimulatorSignals< dim > &signals)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define ASPECT_REGISTER_SIGNALS_CONNECTOR (   connector_function_2d,
{ \
struct dummy_do_register \
{ \
dummy_do_register () \
{ \
} \
} dummy_variable; \
void register_connector_function_2d(const std::function< void(aspect::SimulatorSignals< 2 > &)> &connector)
void register_connector_function_3d(const std::function< void(aspect::SimulatorSignals< 3 > &)> &connector)
#define ASPECT_REGISTER_SIGNALS_CONNECTOR(connector_function_2d, connector_function_3d)

A macro that is used in user-provided plugins to register a function that is called at the beginning of a simulation by a Simulator object. When called, the provided function will receive a SimulatorSignals object that contains signals to which one can subscribe.

For technical reasons, the macro takes two arguments denoting functions for the 2d and 3d cases. These can, for example, be the names of 2d and 3d instantiations of the same template function.

Definition at line 352 of file simulator_signals.h.


namespace ASPECT_REGISTER_SIGNALS_PARAMETER_CONNECTOR_ ## connector_function \
{ \
struct dummy_do_register_ ## connector_function \
{ \
dummy_do_register_ ## connector_function () \
{ \
connector_function (); \
} \
} dummy_variable_ ## classname; \

A macro that is used to register a function that can be used to connect user extension functions to the parameter-related signals declared in SimulatorSignals.

In essence, this function simply registers a (global) function that is called at the beginning of the program and that can be used to connect parameter declaration and parsing functions to the signals listed above.

Definition at line 374 of file simulator_signals.h.