aspect::internals::SimulatorSignals Namespace Reference


void register_connector_function_2d (const std::function< void(aspect::SimulatorSignals< 2 > &)> &connector)
void register_connector_function_3d (const std::function< void(aspect::SimulatorSignals< 3 > &)> &connector)
template<int dim>
void call_connector_functions (aspect::SimulatorSignals< dim > &signals)

Detailed Description

A namespace for some internal functions that have to do with how plugins can register their slots with signals.

Function Documentation

§ register_connector_function_2d()

void aspect::internals::SimulatorSignals::register_connector_function_2d ( const std::function< void(aspect::SimulatorSignals< 2 > &)> &  connector)

Two functions that (in 2d and 3d) put a user-provided function onto a list of functions that the Simulator object will later go through when letting plugins connect their slots to signals.

§ register_connector_function_3d()

void aspect::internals::SimulatorSignals::register_connector_function_3d ( const std::function< void(aspect::SimulatorSignals< 3 > &)> &  connector)

§ call_connector_functions()

template<int dim>
void aspect::internals::SimulatorSignals::call_connector_functions ( aspect::SimulatorSignals< dim > &  signals)

A function that is called by the Simulator object and that goes through the list (with the corresponding dimension) created by the previous pair of functions and call each of the user-provided connector functions to let them register their slots with the corresponding signals.