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aspect::HeatingModel::HeatingModelOutputs Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 HeatingModelOutputs (const unsigned int n_points, const unsigned int n_comp)
void reset ()

Public Attributes

std::vector< double > heating_source_terms
std::vector< double > rates_of_temperature_change
std::vector< double > lhs_latent_heat_terms

Detailed Description

A data structure with the output field of the HeatingModel::Interface::evaluate() function. The vectors are the values at the different positions given by MaterialModelInputs::position.

Definition at line 56 of file interface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ HeatingModelOutputs()

aspect::HeatingModel::HeatingModelOutputs::HeatingModelOutputs ( const unsigned int  n_points,
const unsigned int  n_comp 

Constructor. Initialize the various arrays of this structure with the given number of quadrature points and (finite element) components.

n_pointsThe number of quadrature points for which input quantities will be provided.
n_compThe number of vector quantities (in the order in which the Introspection class reports them) for which input will be provided.

Member Function Documentation

§ reset()

void aspect::HeatingModel::HeatingModelOutputs::reset ( )

Reset function. Resets all of the values in the heating model outputs to their uninitialized values (NaN for the source and latent heat terms, 0 for the rates of temperature change).

Member Data Documentation

§ heating_source_terms

std::vector<double> aspect::HeatingModel::HeatingModelOutputs::heating_source_terms

All source terms of the temperature equation that represent a continuous process leading to a rate of change in temperature at the given position. This includes shear heating, adiabatic heating, radiogenic heat production, or any other heating rates on the right hand side of the energy equation.

Definition at line 78 of file interface.h.

§ rates_of_temperature_change

std::vector<double> aspect::HeatingModel::HeatingModelOutputs::rates_of_temperature_change

The source terms of the temperature equation that represent fast changes in temperature (compared to the advection time scale), for example due to reactions, at the given position. On the advection time scale, these reactions might look like instantaneous changes in temperatures. This includes for example latent heat of melt.

These reaction rates are only used in the operator_splitting nonlinear solver scheme, which allows it to solve reactions of compositional fields and temperature decoupled from the advection, and using a different time step size. In this case, they are used in addition to (and independent from) any heating_source_terms that a heating model defines, which are assembled as usual. For any other solver scheme, these values are ignored.

In contrast to the heating source terms, these terms are actual changes in temperature (units K/s or K/yr) rather than changes in energy.

Definition at line 99 of file interface.h.

§ lhs_latent_heat_terms

std::vector<double> aspect::HeatingModel::HeatingModelOutputs::lhs_latent_heat_terms

Left hand side contribution of latent heat; this is added to the \(\rho C_p\) term on the left hand side of the energy equation.

Definition at line 105 of file interface.h.

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