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aspect::DefectCorrectionResiduals Struct Reference

Public Attributes

double initial_residual
double velocity_residual
double pressure_residual
double residual
double residual_old
double switch_initial_residual
double newton_residual_for_derivative_scaling_factor
std::pair< double, double > stokes_residuals

Detailed Description

Definition at line 127 of file simulator.h.

Member Data Documentation

§ initial_residual

double aspect::DefectCorrectionResiduals::initial_residual

Definition at line 129 of file simulator.h.

§ velocity_residual

double aspect::DefectCorrectionResiduals::velocity_residual

Definition at line 130 of file simulator.h.

§ pressure_residual

double aspect::DefectCorrectionResiduals::pressure_residual

Definition at line 131 of file simulator.h.

§ residual

double aspect::DefectCorrectionResiduals::residual

Definition at line 132 of file simulator.h.

§ residual_old

double aspect::DefectCorrectionResiduals::residual_old

Definition at line 133 of file simulator.h.

§ switch_initial_residual

double aspect::DefectCorrectionResiduals::switch_initial_residual

Definition at line 134 of file simulator.h.

§ newton_residual_for_derivative_scaling_factor

double aspect::DefectCorrectionResiduals::newton_residual_for_derivative_scaling_factor

Definition at line 135 of file simulator.h.

§ stokes_residuals

std::pair<double,double> aspect::DefectCorrectionResiduals::stokes_residuals

Definition at line 136 of file simulator.h.

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