aspect::constants::earth::iasp91_radii Namespace Reference


const double inner_core
const double core
const double lower_mantle
const double planet

Detailed Description

Earth structure radii taken from the IASP91 model:

Variable Documentation

§ inner_core

const double aspect::constants::earth::iasp91_radii::inner_core

Inner core radius [m], equivalent of 5150 km depth

§ core

const double aspect::constants::earth::iasp91_radii::core

Inner core radius [m], equivalent of 2889 km depth

§ lower_mantle

const double aspect::constants::earth::iasp91_radii::lower_mantle

Lower mantle radius [m], equivalent of 660 km depth

§ planet

const double aspect::constants::earth::iasp91_radii::planet

Radius [m], equivalent of 5150 km depth