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aspect::Utilities::NaturalCoordinate< dim > Class Template Reference

Public Member Functions

 NaturalCoordinate (Point< dim > &position, const GeometryModel::Interface< dim > &geometry_model)
 NaturalCoordinate (const std::array< double, dim > &coord, const Utilities::Coordinates::CoordinateSystem &coord_system)
std::array< double, dim > & get_coordinates ()
std::array< double, dim-1 > get_surface_coordinates () const
double get_depth_coordinate () const

Private Attributes

Utilities::Coordinates::CoordinateSystem coordinate_system
std::array< double, dim > coordinates

Detailed Description

template<int dim>
class aspect::Utilities::NaturalCoordinate< dim >

A class that represents a point in a chosen coordinate system.

Definition at line 739 of file utilities.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ NaturalCoordinate() [1/2]

template<int dim>
aspect::Utilities::NaturalCoordinate< dim >::NaturalCoordinate ( Point< dim > &  position,
const GeometryModel::Interface< dim > &  geometry_model 

Constructor based on providing the geometry model as a pointer.

§ NaturalCoordinate() [2/2]

template<int dim>
aspect::Utilities::NaturalCoordinate< dim >::NaturalCoordinate ( const std::array< double, dim > &  coord,
const Utilities::Coordinates::CoordinateSystem coord_system 

Constructor based on providing the coordinates and associated coordinate system.

Member Function Documentation

§ get_coordinates()

template<int dim>
std::array<double,dim>& aspect::Utilities::NaturalCoordinate< dim >::get_coordinates ( )

Returns the coordinates in the given coordinate system, which may not be Cartesian.

§ get_surface_coordinates()

template<int dim>
std::array<double,dim-1> aspect::Utilities::NaturalCoordinate< dim >::get_surface_coordinates ( ) const

The coordinate that represents the 'surface' directions in the chosen coordinate system.

§ get_depth_coordinate()

template<int dim>
double aspect::Utilities::NaturalCoordinate< dim >::get_depth_coordinate ( ) const

The coordinate that represents the 'depth' direction in the chosen coordinate system.

Member Data Documentation

§ coordinate_system

template<int dim>
Utilities::Coordinates::CoordinateSystem aspect::Utilities::NaturalCoordinate< dim >::coordinate_system

An enum which stores the the coordinate system of this natural point

Definition at line 778 of file utilities.h.

§ coordinates

template<int dim>
std::array<double,dim> aspect::Utilities::NaturalCoordinate< dim >::coordinates

An array which stores the coordinates in the coordinates system

Definition at line 783 of file utilities.h.

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