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aspect::MaterialModel::PrescribedFieldOutputs< dim > Class Template Reference
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Public Member Functions

 PrescribedFieldOutputs (const unsigned int n_points, const unsigned int n_comp)
virtual std::vector< double > get_nth_output (const unsigned int idx) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from aspect::MaterialModel::NamedAdditionalMaterialOutputs< dim >
 NamedAdditionalMaterialOutputs (const std::vector< std::string > &output_names)
virtual ~NamedAdditionalMaterialOutputs ()
const std::vector< std::string > & get_names () const
virtual void average (const MaterialAveraging::AveragingOperation, const FullMatrix< double > &, const FullMatrix< double > &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from aspect::MaterialModel::AdditionalMaterialOutputs< dim >
virtual ~AdditionalMaterialOutputs ()

Public Attributes

std::vector< std::vector< double > > prescribed_field_outputs

Detailed Description

template<int dim>
class aspect::MaterialModel::PrescribedFieldOutputs< dim >

Additional output fields for prescribed field outputs to be added to the MaterialModel::MaterialModelOutputs structure and filled in the MaterialModel::Interface::evaluate() function.

This structure is used if for one of the compositional fields employed by a simulation, the advection scheme "prescribed field" is selected. (See Parameters::AdvectionFieldMethod for more information.) Then, while updating the compositional field, a structure of this type is created, given to the material model, and the material model outputs will finally be interpolated onto the corresponding compositional field.

This structure always has as many prescribed field outputs as there are compositional fields, even if not all of them are using the "prescribed field" method. It is the responsibility of the individual material models to fill the correct entries.

Definition at line 821 of file interface.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ PrescribedFieldOutputs()

template<int dim>
aspect::MaterialModel::PrescribedFieldOutputs< dim >::PrescribedFieldOutputs ( const unsigned int  n_points,
const unsigned int  n_comp 

Member Function Documentation

§ get_nth_output()

template<int dim>
virtual std::vector<double> aspect::MaterialModel::PrescribedFieldOutputs< dim >::get_nth_output ( const unsigned int  idx) const

Given an index as input argument, return a reference the to vector of values of the additional output with that index.

Implements aspect::MaterialModel::NamedAdditionalMaterialOutputs< dim >.

Member Data Documentation

§ prescribed_field_outputs

template<int dim>
std::vector<std::vector<double> > aspect::MaterialModel::PrescribedFieldOutputs< dim >::prescribed_field_outputs

Prescribed field outputs for all compositional fields at the evaluation points that are passed to the instance of MaterialModel::Interface::evaluate() that fills the current object. prescribed_field_outputs[q][c] is the prescribed field output at the evaluation point q for the compositional field with the index c.

Definition at line 836 of file interface.h.

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