Downloading ASPECT

There are two ways to obtain ASPECT: download a release that we have tested thoroughly, or to work from the current development version that can be obtained from the github repository. As an alternative to setting up your environment yourself, we are also providing a virtual machine image that is ready to go.

Whether you use development sources or releases, you need to compile the sources. To this end, please follow the installation instructions in the ReadMe file.


You can download the latest release here or here.

After downloading, unpack the file using the command

  tar xvzf aspect-2.0.0.tar.gz
Then again follow the installation instructions linked to above.

Current development versions

In order to download the current ASPECT development sources, use the following command:

  git clone
Then follow the installation instructions linked to above.

Experimental VirtualBox Image

Alternatively, we are providing an experimental image for a fully configured version of ASPECT. For this, you will need to install VirtualBox on your machine, and then import a virtual machine image that can be downloaded from here. Note, however, that the machine image is several gigabytes in size and downloading will take a while.