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class  aspect::Particle::Generator::Interface< dim >




#define ASPECT_REGISTER_PARTICLE_GENERATOR(classname, name, description)


 aspect::Particle::Generator::DeclExceptionMsg (ExcParticlePointNotInDomain, "You requested to generate a particle at a position that " "is not owned by this process, therefore the " "Particle::Generator::Interface::generate_particle() function " "refused to create it. You can circumvent this error message " "by catching the ExcParticlePointNotInDomain exception and " "do whatever you think is appropriate in this case.")
template<int dim>
void aspect::Particle::Generator::register_particle_generator (const std::string &name, const std::string &description, void(*declare_parameters_function)(ParameterHandler &), std::unique_ptr< Interface< dim >>(*factory_function)())
template<int dim>
std::unique_ptr< Interface< dim > > aspect::Particle::Generator::create_particle_generator (ParameterHandler &prm)
template<int dim>
void aspect::Particle::Generator::declare_parameters (ParameterHandler &prm)
template<int dim>
void aspect::Particle::Generator::write_plugin_graph (std::ostream &output_stream)