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aspect::MaterialModel::MaterialUtilities::DruckerPragerInputs Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 DruckerPragerInputs (const double cohesion, const double friction_angle, const double pressure, const double effective_strain_rate, const double max_yield_strength=std::numeric_limits< double >::infinity())

Public Attributes

const double cohesion
const double friction_angle
const double pressure
const double effective_strain_rate
const double max_yield_strength

Detailed Description

A data structure with all inputs for the MaterialModel::Interface::compute_drucker_prager_yielding() method.

Definition at line 123 of file utilities.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

§ DruckerPragerInputs()

aspect::MaterialModel::MaterialUtilities::DruckerPragerInputs::DruckerPragerInputs ( const double  cohesion,
const double  friction_angle,
const double  pressure,
const double  effective_strain_rate,
const double  max_yield_strength = std::numeric_limits< double >::infinity() 

Constructor. Initializes the various variables of this structure with the input values. By default, there is no maximum yield strength, so the parameter is set to infinity.

Member Data Documentation

§ cohesion

const double aspect::MaterialModel::MaterialUtilities::DruckerPragerInputs::cohesion

Definition at line 136 of file utilities.h.

§ friction_angle

const double aspect::MaterialModel::MaterialUtilities::DruckerPragerInputs::friction_angle

Definition at line 137 of file utilities.h.

§ pressure

const double aspect::MaterialModel::MaterialUtilities::DruckerPragerInputs::pressure

Definition at line 138 of file utilities.h.

§ effective_strain_rate

const double aspect::MaterialModel::MaterialUtilities::DruckerPragerInputs::effective_strain_rate

Definition at line 139 of file utilities.h.

§ max_yield_strength

const double aspect::MaterialModel::MaterialUtilities::DruckerPragerInputs::max_yield_strength

Definition at line 140 of file utilities.h.

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